Keeping the focus on the run

It is really easy to lose motivation keeping a long term project, even if is personal. The lack of interest, time, or whatever other excuse we can think, will come perfectly helping us bump the task “for tomorrow”.

Whenever we do this, please remember that we don’t push away things for “lack of time”, we do it for “lack of importance”. This happens with a lot of subjects, like our health, career planing, taking better habits and the list grow and grow.

The perfect time to start doesn’t exist

You don’t need for the planets to align in somehow, or that the day finally had 40 hours instead of 18 (counting at least 6 for sleep). We just need 10 minutes of our love and attention to something.

Think about it, try to stay “quiet and don’t move” for full 10 minutes. Its a REAL eternity, and its just because you are loosing the distractions on all the random things in the world, and for first time focusing on something, being quiet and not moving.

Redirect the energy

Focus your energy for 10 minutes and do something. What I did in my last 10 minutes? Write this lines to share this small “trick”. And you?